I got laser toning from the clinic.i had a great experience along with exceptional result.100% recommend nahas for their hospitality


I am really satisfied

Sayyid Aflah Shihab Thangal

Excellent experience,I would surely recommend this place and also would revisit without any hesitation

Amjad sharafu

Best skin clinic in the town, Grate in hospitality, Professional. Well experienced Dr

Jahan Ali

My Hair is growing back!!! I did PRP treatment in Nahaz clinic Amazing growth Thank you dr Shiraz It works and It is 99.9% effective ... PRP therapy is used in hair restoration for natural looking results. With a thin needle, your own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated. PRP Hair Restoration is suitable for both men and women.

Oleed Mohammed

From my own experience , Nahas skin clinic is one of top & best place to approach. Very friendly doctor & you can contact him at any point of time.

Sandeepa Mahadevan

Im having laser treatment under Dr. Naha for acne scars on my face which was there for a quite long time (like 10 years). And this is the 2nd sitting I just had had a week ago and it started showing. The result is dramatic. The scars are getting faded. Because these were deep scars and I had tried using creams, face packs, diy remedies and regular facials to dermatological procedures like microdermaberration in the past with hardly any result. But this time, its worth the shot. Best experience ever since this is the 3rd skin clinic I'm stepping into.

Namitha Jacob

One of the best clinic for skin related issues. Amazing knowledge and excellent client service❤️

snubi cm

More than a doctor , I could find some one who understands patient’s feelings . Visited the clinic more than 10 times , not even a single day of disappointment .

Ranjith P K

If you are looking for your skin treatment in and around calicut one need not look beyond Dr Shiraz’s Skin clinic. The best in the town with out an iota of doubt. Hygienic and very very reasonable cost too. Shahul, Coffee Grove. 1


To be honest I'd say i have underwent acne treatment there in Nahas clinic, he has suggested me i-peel and about for consecutive 6 sessions. It really helped my acne calm down & added up a glow to my skin. Price is reasonable, but when comparing to the money minded doctors across the state , Nahas clinic is better on that . I'd recommend people who can afford minimum of ₹2000 per month to achieve results, that's the basic amount anywhere you can find in a cosmetolgy clinic. Products he suggested for my skin care routine was so gentle & affordable stuff's . Thankyou Dr.Naha ?

Rohith VS

The service that i receive from Nahas skin clinic is excellent. Dr. Naha and the staff are friendly and I would recommend he to anyone looking for a dermatologist..

Navya Lovenesh

Happy and satisfied? I had consulted many dermatologists before Dr.Shiraz Naha for my issue but no treatment made me happy as there was no improvement. My previous dermatologist scolded me for continuously visiting her as I couldn't see any improvement in my condition and that's how I reached to Dr.Shiraz Naha. He is one of a kind. He has never been impatient to listen me. And moreover,when I am out of station,I can still follow up the treatment under his supervision since he replies to my doubts and queries about the treatment via phone. And my condition has been improved very well under his treatment. If you think your dermatolical issue needs good professional treatment and continuous follow up,to get good results,then I would suggest Dr.Shiraz Naha undoubtedly. ❤️❤️

Fasil P

Best derm in the city. Clean, hygiene and disciplined clinic.

Minati Raichura

Always an excellent and comfortable experience here. I’ve been consulting Dr. Shiraz Naha for a couple of years now. Definitely our go-to dermatologist. He is extremely professional and friendly. Superb service and hospitality. There have been times where I could not physically go to the clinic at Kozhikode but he has always been compassionate enough to answer my queries through WhatsApp or phone which I truly appreciate.

Lulu Rasheed

I am completely satisfied with the treatment that i got from Nahas Clinic.Great Services, Hygienic. Staff is very friendly and careful while performing Services.Telling about Dr. Naha..... He is amazing in his work.. Very friendly and Helping.... He has solutions for every problems..... 1

Nelson Correya

Dr shiraz is amazing! Very professional nd friendly!. Really listens to you and answers all your questions. Cares about his patients and always treats you with respect. Helps you with whatever problem you came in with. Highly recommended:)!!

salva saleem

had been treating my allergic problem for more than 4 years.. gone through many doctors many hospitals nd many branches.. Finally came to know about this clinic nd Dr. Sheras sir. Now I'm on my track nd almost getting positive results.. Thankyou Nahas clinic for these.. thanks a lot.. all the very best? Amazing facilities and the faculties are truely supportive.. they are treating and helping the patient with respect care and love.. Highly recommended one?

Bilal Chandera

Dr.Shiraz is a go to person for your skin care. He's always there to help on call as well. A friendly person. The staffs at the clinic are very nice and cordial. The treatments are good and result oriented. Any small to big skin trouble, any stupid doubt on your skincare - the person to ask without any hesitation is Dr.Shiraz.

fathima shabnam

It is one of the best skin care clinic. Dr Shiraz Naha is so gentle and friendly person. He takes time to listen to patient concerns. I always feels like I get more time to explain my skin issues without feeling rushed.

Mohammed Najeeb

One of a kind place for all skin related issues. Excellent treatment plans with great results??.

shadia alikoya

Nahas clinic is that where you find your finest dermatologist. I have been couple of times for my skin issues. Dr. Sheras Is one of the finest dermatologist around. For acne, pigmentation etc.. i have received consultation. I am cent percent satisfied with the service.

Dulkifil Ck

I had acne problems and with 6 sittings of peeling all my acne problem got sorted and my skin is visibly smooth and pimple free now . Really trustworthy and reliable.

shuaa saleem

One of the the best clinic in the Calicut . The way they treat the patients is way much more better than any other skin cares in Calicut . Dr.Shiraz is so friendly and he understood oru skin prblms easily and suggest the best treatment ?. And I'm 100% satisfied and happy with the treatment they provided.

Hanan Muhammed. K

I went to Nahas clinic for Pigmentation Reduction System. The dark patches on my skin have reduced after taking this service. Overall the texture of my skin has improved a lot. Great Services, Hygienic. Staff is very friendly and careful while performing Services.

Savad Pc

A Doctor, one can completely trust. Dr Shiraz Naha is one of the best dermatologists that I have come across. Patients come first for him and with his profound clinical experience, he gives the best diagnosis, treatment and care to them. Using latest technology equipment and modern techniques he provides best in class cosmetic solutions. I'm glad to have found this one of a kind clinic in Calicut.

Gris Hikdas

My father had been sufferring from exfoliation problems and eczema since long time. Took many treatments before but never had such a wonderful doctor and perfect diagnosis. Dr. Shiraz is a wonderful doctor with very calm and likable behaviour. My father was completely cured by his treatment and his advice on lifestyle changes. Location is easily accessible, parking space , pharmacy inside , comfortable setup. Would recommend Nahas skin clinic to all!!!!

Nithin Rajagopalan

I had so much of acne on my face...I had done laser sessions from there for acne removal & now doing for scars & pores removal...Shiraz sir has done amazing changes to my face....& Staffs r also friendly...i wud suggest everyone for clearing their skin problems from here

Dr.Deepthi Das

Nahas skin clinic,were all very friendly and helpful.I especially like Dr.Shiraz naha(dermatologist)who is friendly , amazing,very professional.Really listen to you and answers all your questions.cares about his patients and always treat u with better options. Helps u with watever problem u came in with. So i highly recommend this clinic

shafeeque pullat

I first visited Nahas skin clinic few years ago to get treated for acne scars.Dr.Shiraz recommended chemical peel and I am extremely pleased with the results, which are much better than expected. Dr.Shiraz is very attentive, professional and truthful about the best treatment for you and I cannot recommend his clinic enough I advise everyone to book with them, I felt so comfortable and updated with aftercare.

bazanth yahiya

The services that I receive from Nahas is excellent. Dr. Shiraz nahas and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my skin and care. I would have no qualms in recommending them to friendly and friends.

Muhammed Nazal

Dr.shiraz naha is really good and well experience & Excellent Dermatologist I Meet Always recommend medicines which were prescribed were really effective. All Details gives clear and understanding. Would recommend those who are looking for a good skin care.

Saleel E M

one of the best skin clinic I have been to. Very good staff, clean and hygienic. regarding dr.naha he was very knowledgeable and helpful in diagnosis.. thank you doctor

Aiswarya Varghese

I have been undergoing hair removal laser treatment at Nahas skin Clinic. The results have been amazing. I am very happy and satisfied with my treatment.Thank you

Samreen Kp