Vitiligo Surgeries

Vitiligo is a very distressing skin condition with a severe psychological impact on the affected individual. There are situations when the treating doctor has to interfere surgically to correct the color issues. There are various surgeries undertaken here and ours is a referral centre for vitiligo surgery for patients from within and outside the state. The concept of vitiligo surgery is to donate or introduce normal functional melanocytes to depigmented skin. The advantage is that these procedures do not call for admission and can be done on OP basis. The major surgical procedures undertaken here are

Mini punch Grafting [MPEG]

Suction Blister grafting Epidermal Grafting (SBEG)

Non-CulturedEpidermal Cell suspension (NCES / Melanocyte Transfer) Cosmetic result achieved is excellent if done at the right time for the right patient and relatively large areas can be treated in a single session and with a smaller area of the donor graft.

Vitiligo Surgeries