Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Treatments to renew the skin and texture. Improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, darkness, pigmentation, acne, pimple, scarring & Skin related concerns


♦ Age spots

♦ Wrinkles

♦ Wreckles

♦ Acne

♦ Scarring

♦ Rosacea

♦ Broken blood vessels.


Skin Rejuvenation involves altering the top layer of skin & delivering energies deep within the skin in different ways. Treatment prompts more collagen and elastin fibers which build and strengthen skin. And the Technologies like lasers, radiofrequency and Intense pulsed light (IPL), micro-needling, and combinations of these techniques produce visible results.

How many Session Required

4 to 8 sessions in the interval of one month until achieving the expected result.

Side Effects

* Ance/Infection.

* Swelling, Redness & Itching


• Controlling skin wrinkles which caused because of smoking, sun damage, aging

• Cure uneven skin tone & Dryness

• Addressing hyperpigmentation

• Closing enlarges pores

• Remove Scars

Post Treatment Care

- Putting an ice bag on the treated area if it swells in the first 24 to 48hours

- Use soap & creams as prescribed

- Consult with a doctor if any itchiness or Redness

- Avoid sun exposure

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment